Friday, 26 May 2017

Shoulder Dancing Is Making A Comeback!

At facetache we are always looking to update the moustache community on the latest global trends (just check out recent report on wife beaters).   You may have thought shoulder dancing peaked in the early 90's however it has made a big comeback recently thanks to a growing number of shoulder dancing enthusiasts.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Randy Dolphenstein, winner of Best Shoulder Dancer in the Universe 2017 as judged by a panel of experts at the 25th Annual Shoulder Dancing Summit. According to Dolphenstein, the trick to shoulder proficiency is years of training, concentration and liquor. "My biggest tip is to keep the movements simple. Bop one shoulder up n' down whilst swigging vodka with the free hand" slurred Dolphenstein to our on the spot reporter.

So my moustached friends, get that shoulder movin' already!

best shoulder dancer in the universe
Best Shoulder Dancer in the Universe 2017

Friday, 28 November 2014

Moustache Kitty

I recently saw this cat video and noticed it had a viewer count of 30 million. The neurons in my brain in charge of scheming immediately started firing and came up with a plan to increase my blog readership by 29,999,990 people. Alas, i bring you a blog post simply titled "Moustache Kitty"! I sure hope you millions of people enjoy it!
Old-timer Moustache Kitty

Aristo-cat Moustache Kitty

Sleepy Moustache Kitty

Angry Moustache Kitty

Fuhrer Moustache Kitty

Fake Moustache Kitty

Monday, 24 November 2014

Famous Cop Moustaches

Freeze! I moustache you some questions! Like Samson, these TV cops draw their strength from the hair that grows on their head. However, it is moustache follicles that powers these fearless warriors of the law!

Andy Sipowicz's moustache
Magnum PI's moustache
William Conrad's moustache from Cannon

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mustache vs Moustache

Some would argue that "mustache vs moustache" is all about grammar and has nothing to do with physical man on man combat. Well, thats where you're wrong!

Ok, so technically it is all about spelling. "Mustache" is the correct American spelling whilst "moustache" is the correct spelling in British English.

Now, Let me introduce you to the Tamil movie "Singham", directed by the fantastic Rohit Shetty.

"Mustache vs Moustache" Action Movie

Rohit sees the term "mustache vs moustache" in a whole new light. To him it's all about good vs evil. Will the evil mustached men get away with their dastardly deeds or will the good moustaches ultimately triumph? See the movie to find out! Below is a clip from the movie.

This movie proved such a hit that it spawned a sequel, "Singham Returns". Rohit wanted to call it "Mustache vs Moustache II : This time it's personal" but the suits at Bollywood HQ nixed the idea.  Those clean shaven clowns wouldnt know a good idea if it bit them on the rear end!

Mustache vs Moustache II : This time it's personal!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Moustache Strongmen

There's nothing more manlier than muscles ... with a moustache. Here I've collected a bunch of old time moustached strongmen for your training inspiration:

Like Samson, these strongmen know that the secret to their powerful lifting is derived from the follicles on their face. I'll be using these photos as my inspiration when I workout at the best gym in Northam!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Animals With Moustaches

The final post of the animals theme week will lump remaining animals into this single post. Here's groovy pictures of animals in the wild with moustaches:

Here's a very content and satisfied looking walrus:
"Yo.. just chill"

Some kind of monkey creature with a moustache:
Get yourself a moustache and quit monkeying around.

This final creature is known as a french frog:
"Oui, oui.. Oh là là"

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Snake With Moustache

It's animal theme week here at moustache blog and today we present a snake with a moustache! This creature goes instantly from hideous human killer to a suave member of the animal kingdom when sporting a moustache!  One could easily fathom it sipping on a cognac and telling slippery tales at the snakes-only gentlemen's club.