Thursday, 21 March 2013

Awesome Moustache Photos

Here at facetache we don't believe that a moustache only needs to be a nod to some bygone 70's porn era. It can serve as a modern fashion statement like none other. Here's a few photos of some moustache fashion extremists.

If you want to be fashionable without months of growth required (or male hormone treatment), then pop over to the facetache moustache factory, and stick a bit of growth over your lips! Anyways, I digress... Here. Enjoy the moustache photos !

That'd take longer to do than Angelina Jolie's hair at an awards ceremony!

Check out this guys grooming tips over at BBC.

The moustache goes up when he's excited.

Pure awesomeness

The Moustache Master with apprentice

The little known BeardMo.

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  1. Awesome, great idea, I used to age me automatically to see what I'd look like.