Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nicolás Maduro's Moustache

Whilst stalking the facetache traffic logs, I noticed an usual amount of traffic coming from Venezeula. This seemed a bit out of the ordinary, so I decided to do a bit of sleuth work. Turns out that there is a Venezuelan  social media campaign to add a moustache onto your profile picture in support of Nicolás Maduro, the current caretaker president. Here's a photo of of Maduro (I think the reasons for the campaign are obvious).

Nicolás Maduro

After reading a handful of foreign language tweets ("Maduro bla bla bla facetache"), I felt sufficiently clued into the situation: An insatiable appetite for a Nicolas Maduro moustache application. Me, being a champion of the people (and moustaches), decided to step up and deliver.

Alas, I present the Nicolás Maduro Moustache application.  No longer do you need to sport a fake when you can have the genuine thing on your profile. Get your own Nicolas Maduro moustache from

Check out Nicolás Maduro Moustache App
For some reason, don't think I'll bother doing an app for Justin Bieber's Moustache....

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