Thursday, 11 April 2013

Icelandic Moustache Named 'Most Beautiful'

Icelandic man Sigthor Mar Valdimarsson's moustache has officially been deemed the 'Most Beautiful'  by a group of moustache experts at a industry conference in Reykjavik.  Traditionally known for fruitloop 90's pop singer Bjork and a nation collapsing banking industry,  this development made headline news across Iceland.

Sigthor has reportedly told the press that he is both "honoured" and "humbled" by the recognition and will use his fame to fight poverty in Africa and launch a solo pop music career.  A local music reporter and karaoke bar attendee called his style "interesting".

Critics claim that the results were biased as the conference was held in Iceland, judges were all Icelandic and no other nation was informed of the competition.  Head judge Sigthor Mar Valdimarsson Sr was said to "disappointed" with the critics verdict and urged them to partake in the next conference, at an undisclosed time and place in the future.

'Most Beautiful' moustache 

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