Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tom Hanks' Moustache Wisdom

Respected nice guy and suspected multi murderer Tom Hanks can add another string to his very illustrious bow: dispenser of timeless wisdom.

"Just like Disneyland, my moustache will never be complete" Hanks tells a YouTube investigative reporter.

Analysing this statement further, it is quite evident Hanks is referring to the existential dilemma we all face at various stages of our life and the need to strive further.  Disneyland is a a thinly veiled reference to the hedonistic pleasures people pursue and the inevitable queues we will face for a brief period of amusement. By accepting the "never complete" status of our life journey, it focuses the inner self to pursue further fulfilment and attainment in reaching the status of the mythical √úbermensch.

Asked to clarify his thoughts further,  wise sage Tom Hanks reportedly said the moustache makes him look more "√úbermenschy".

Tom Hanks' Moustache

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