Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Persecuted Moustache

Pakistani man Malik Amir Mohammad Khan Afridi has been threatened for his life for keeping a big huge massive moustache. Jealous Islamist militants in the name of religion are attempting to force the awesome moustache to be shaven off.  Supposedly god frowns upon an immaculate manicured moustache but gives the thumbs up to a dishevelled mob of a beard.

This blog believes a new nation should be created for all the persecuted moustachians out there. A nation where people are free to grow a moustache without fear of retribution. The U.N. needs to use the  precedent set by the creation of Israel and take over a sovereign country and hand it over to the moustache folk. I propose taking over half of Spain and partitioning Madrid into east and west halves. West half can be kept by the naked lipped existing folk and the east will be made the capital of  Moustachenia!

Malik Afridi. Future presidential candidate of Moustachenia.

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