Monday, 14 October 2013

Funny Fake Moustaches

The moustache shopfront is coming along nicely with over 700 products listed. Time to take stock and pick a few of my favourite items in the fake moustaches category! If you don't have a moustache of your own, incapable of growing one or just want a bit of variety then maybe add one of these funny fake moustaches to your face!

Fancy yourself as a bumbling reporter from an ex Soviet bloc country? Get the Borat moustache! Comes with a scruffy wig to complete the look. Niiiceeeee.

Borat Fake Moustache
You like? I like.
If you've ever read a Roald Dahl book then you can't go past the Lorax moustache.  Comes with a cap and glasses.


If you've ever dreamed of pile driving and slamming your friends to the ground, then you need to get the  Hulk Hogan moustache to complete the look.   Start feuds and settle them in the wrestling ring when you're wearing this outfit!

Unleash the Hulkamania!

Ok, not sure if this is a moustache or a parasite living in your nose. Nonetheless, it certainly looks like a moustache. You could claim to be an exotic sea creature or you have a domesticated nose dwelling octopus as a pet. This tentacled moustache will surely get quizzical looks from people!

Weird sea creature or nose pet? You decide!

Ok.. that's it for this instalment of random moustache products. Go check out the full catalogue of fake moustaches. Theres lots of cool stuff there!

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