Friday, 26 May 2017

Shoulder Dancing Is Making A Comeback!

At facetache we are always looking to update the moustache community on the latest global trends (just check out recent report on wife beaters).   You may have thought shoulder dancing peaked in the early 90's however it has made a big comeback recently thanks to a growing number of shoulder dancing enthusiasts.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Randy Dolphenstein, winner of Best Shoulder Dancer in the Universe 2017 as judged by a panel of experts at the 25th Annual Shoulder Dancing Summit. According to Dolphenstein, the trick to shoulder proficiency is years of training, concentration and liquor. "My biggest tip is to keep the movements simple. Bop one shoulder up n' down whilst swigging vodka with the free hand" slurred Dolphenstein to our on the spot reporter.

So my moustached friends, get that shoulder movin' already!

best shoulder dancer in the universe
Best Shoulder Dancer in the Universe 2017

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